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‘Just finished reading PJ Kelly’s book The Good Teacher and I really enjoyed it. It is written in a similar vein to classic Jodie Picoult books where a social issue is questioned and challenged and those who work with vulnerable children in our communities will find it engaging. Great first novel for PJ Kelly.’

- Maggie Dent, Author of Saving Our Children from Our Chaotic World

"the tale of a good teacher who follows her moral compass and risks damnation. a decade long journey that culminates in a gripping john grisham like climax. a book club favourite, it's not surprising that movie producers are circling around the good teacher." - mark naglazas, The sunday times magazine

"An amazing debut novel for this author. It was a real page turner for me filled with angst and heartfelt emotion. Loved going on the journey of this dedicated teacher. Highly recommended." - Taryn devlin

“I finished my school reports and picked the book back up ‘to read a few chapters’. Thank goodness for Sunday’s as I couldn’t put it back down. I have just finished this enthralling ride and feel like I can’t say goodbye to these characters. Thanks for giving me the best read I’ve had in months Phil!” – elizabeth Lane.

“Date Night – cheese, wine, the couch and ‘The Good Teacher’. Two nights in a row, this one’s a keeper. I can’t put it down.” – Beck Strong.

"What an incredible debut. So well written and I loved that this was so relatable as a teacher and,I would imagine, eye opening for people not in education. Brilliant story and hard to put down. Highly recommended." - Jessica sanders

“Wow. I just loved your first book. Such emotional responses as a teacher myself. Can’t wait for the next book. Thanks for taking me on this journey.” – Kara Beecham

“I started ‘The Good Teacher’ Sunday lunchtime and I have just finished it on Tuesday night. What a great read. I haven’t read a book that fast in a long time. You are a great writer. I loved it. Congratulations.” – Norma Graham.

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