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‘Just finished reading PJ Kelly’s book The Good Teacher and I really enjoyed it. It is written in a similar vein to classic Jodie Picoult books where a social issue is questioned and challenged and those who work with vulnerable children in our communities will find it engaging. Great first novel for PJ Kelly.’

Maggie Dent, Author of Saving Our Children from Our Chaotic World

"the tale of a good teacher who follows her moral compass and risks damnation. a decade long journey that culminates in a gripping john grisham like climax. a book club favourite, it's not surprising that movie producers are circling around the good teacher." - mark naglazas, The sunday times magazine

"An amazing debut novel for this author. It was a real page turner for me filled with angst and heartfelt emotion. Loved going on the journey of this dedicated teacher. Highly recommended." - Taryn devlin

“I finished my school reports and picked the book back up ‘to read a few chapters’. Thank goodness for Sunday’s as I couldn’t put it back down. I have just finished this enthralling ride and feel like I can’t say goodbye to these characters. Thanks for giving me the best read I’ve had in months Phil!” – elizabeth Lane.

“Date Night – cheese, wine, the couch and ‘The Good Teacher’. Two nights in a row, this one’s a keeper. I can’t put it down.” – Beck Strong.

"What an incredible debut. So well written and I loved that this was so relatable as a teacher and,I would imagine,

eye opening for people not in education. Brilliant story and hard to put down. Highly recommended." - Jessica sanders

“Wow. I just loved your first book. Such emotional responses as a teacher myself. Can’t wait for the next book. Thanks for taking me on this journey.” – Kara Beecham

“I started ‘The Good Teacher’ Sunday lunchtime and I have just finished it on Tuesday night. What a great read. I haven’t read a book that fast in a long time. You are a great writer. I loved it. Congratulations.” – Norma Graham.

“Brilliant book. So well written. Dangerously good as it is captivating from the start to the very end. Lost a lot of sleep reading it! Thank you for the fabulous journey.” – Tamara Bridge.

“A WA writer!!!! A great read!!!” – Judith twite.

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